Common Acne Questions Answered

When you fight acne, you need to know the basics. That’s how you will know how to get rid of your blemishes without damaging your skin. Treating acne is not all about finding the best treatment that will kill the acne bacteria. Treating acne also means that you need to take care of your skin and as much as possible protect healthy skin cells from further damage. To help you learn the ABC’s of acne, here are some of the most common acne questions and their answers.

Does greasy food cause acne?

Though greasy food can be very unhealthy, it is not actually the grease that can make you breakout. It is the composition of your food. Most of fried foods are processed and mostly contains chemical compounds that can make your skin from bad to worse. Staying away from these types of food are very essential to promote a healthy skin.

What are the foods that you need to avoid to get rid of acne?

As mentioned earlier, you need to stay away from fried foods. Keep in mind that everything that is deep fried is junk. These foods contain high levels of bad fat that will not make your skin vulnerable to acne but can also cause serious health conditions as you go down the line.

Aside from junk food, you also need to avoid processed sweets. There’s nothing natural with refined sugar. It is too processed that it mostly consists of chemicals bonding together. Aside from that, sugar also increases insulin levels in the blood stream. Sustained increase in your insulin levels can trigger acne and acne like eruptions.

Milk may be healthy but is not good for your acne. Milk contains loads of hormones and even though calcium can help you stop acne, the amount of hormones that you ingest every time you drink a glass of milk is so high that it can suppress the action of the calcium in preventing acne.

Is acne genetically acquired?

There is no such thing as an acne gene. However, certain individuals will have huge pores or small pores that can easily get clogged. This is why a lot of people say that if any of your family members have had acne, there is a great chance that you will get it too. However, don’t lose hope. By understanding acne and knowing what to do when the first bump appears can make a whole lot of difference.